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I've done some research on art and conservation and how they overlap and the problems it could solve. Art is deeply impactful to the soul in a way that science fails to reach. I honestly believe that science appeals to the brain while art appeals to the heart. Starting in the '60s there was an art movement called environmental art that uses the environment itself to create awareness of the ecology around our planet. The great thing about it is it uses things from the environment to cause change and create art. Use the beauty of our natural world to create change. However without the science to back this beauty up it's easily forgettable. It just appeals to the emotion and then dissipates but with education about our ecosystems and possibly more art focusing on the endangerment of species like manatees and others in very populated areas I think we could get the ball rolling. Most people don't really care about the environment because they think it's just the beauty of the environment, but if we show that it is very much the impact of the world that is at stake here while keeping it uplifting I think we could do something positive with this. What do you think? Sources:

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