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Exclusive Interview With The Director of Programs of Citizens' Climate International - July 11 15:00 (CEST)

Watch our one-on-one interview with Cathy Bloom, who shares how her organization has created the framework to empower volunteers to build political will for evidence-based carbon pricing in 75 countries worldwide.
Carbon pricing the potential to shift consumption and investment patterns of fossil fuels at a massive scale, making economic development compatible with climate protection while rewarding businesses and policy-makers for moving away from fossil fuels.
By enabling the lobbying across 75 countries, Citizens' Climate International is aiming to escalate the adoption of carbon pricing around the globe, by giving the everyday citizen the expertise and know-how to make these a front and centre issue for their governments.
The interview goes live on July 11th at 3:00PM (CEST) - so don't miss it!

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