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World Bank offers developing countries debt pauses if hit by climate crisis

World Bank will start offering a pause in loan repayment to the poor nations when they are hit by climate crisis. The poor countries will be able to pause their debt repayment if hit by climate disaster under plans announced by world Bank at the finance summit in Paris.

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  • Gorffly mokua

    44 w

    Great decision! But this shouldn't an excuse to those respective countries, because some of them are contributors of climate change!

    • winnie nguru

      51 w

      What a relief. this will enable the countries have funds to tackle the menace that is climate change

      • George Kariuki

        51 w

        While debt relief is a positive step, it should be accompanied by long-term solutions that address the underlying systemic issues contributing to climate vulnerability and debt burdens.

        • rosebellendiritu

          51 w

          Good policy by world bank, it might be pressing for a country to think of repaying debts at the same fighting a disaster that is stressing it's people.this is a big relief especially for the poor countries.

          • Peter Kamau

            51 w

            That's a good incentive from the World Bank

            • Komu Daniel

              51 w

              Great decision by World Bank

              • bonke reinhard

                51 w

                Woow this will enable country to develop very fast and fight for climate change

                • Tabitha Kimani

                  51 w

                  This decision is welcome as it reduces stress as the funds could be used to address the climate crisis first.

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