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Hazardous air quality forces school closures in India, Pakistan

India’s capital has shut down schools for an extended period while neighbouring Pakistan has declared a four-day school holiday as the two nations see pollution levels rising to an alarming level. The New Delhi government on Wednesday ordered the closure of all schools for an extended period, the latest in a series of measures to protect residents from growing air pollution.

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  • Gorffly mokua

    28 w

    Because of the negligence of leaders now children are suffering!

    • George Kariuki

      30 w

      The actions taken by these countries will not only benefit their own citizens but also have a positive impact on the region and the world at large.

      • winnie nguru

        30 w

        This is sad.. These kids deserve better

        • johnte ndeto

          31 w

          This is saddening that Indian children are vulnerable to air pollution

          • rosebellendiritu

            31 w

            @johnte_ndeto it's intolerable

          • Sarah Chabane

            31 w

            Another example of how climate change impacts children

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