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Private sector funding key to climate transition, World Bank chief says

The World Bank is working to slash how long it takes to get financing projects off the ground as part of a push to speed up and scale up the 79-year-old development lender, its president told AFP on Wednesday. It currently takes 27 months, on average, before "the first dollar goes out the door," Ajay Banga said in an interview in his brightly lit office in the Bank's headquarters close to the White House. "If I can bring it down by one third over the first couple of years, that would be pretty good," he said. "The Bank needs to change and evolve." Banga, an Indian-born, naturalized US citizen who previously ran the payments company Mastercard, took over the management of the bank in June on a pledge to boost its lending firepower by encouraging greater private investment in the fight against climate change. In the seven months since, the 64-year-old has made some big changes, altering the development lender's mission statement to include a reference to climate change, and setting up a private sector advisory body to recommend solutions to address the "barriers to private sector investment in emerging markets." He's also explored new ways to "sweat" the bank's existing balance sheet in order to boost lending capacity without additional funding from donor countries. On Wednesday, Banga repeated a previous pledge to "fix the plumbing" of World Bank, and said he plans to "create the credibility" needed for the developed world to increase its capital investment in it. "For that you have to become a better bank. You have to be quicker, faster, more focused on impact, less focused on input," he said. "Then you can say with credibility, 'I'm now ready to absorb more capital.'"

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  • Grace Njeri

    11 w

    Private finance is essential for plugging the gap, and for further mobilizing additional resources to meet the growing needs.

    • George Kariuki

      14 w

      Private investment plays a critical role in mobilizing resources for climate action.

      • Rotich Kim

        14 w

        This is good idea but the world bank need to check other viable project that needs good funding and support specifically those that are climate friendly activities

        • Joseph Githinji

          14 w

          This is a superb move that is going to scale up climate action. More climate action activities are barred by delayed funds, hence this decision is so important.

          • walter lungayi

            14 w

            Private sector funding is indeed crucial for accelerating the climate transition. It's important to streamline the financing process to ensure timely support for sustainable projects.

            • Munene Mugambi

              14 w

              The amount of time taken to get funding has previously been a stumbling block for a lot of projects. That 8s more than two years to get funding that has already been approved. Good to see some changes taking effect

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