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Reducing working hours could lead to climate benefits At GoClimate, we’ve had 6 hours working days as the norm since the start. We believe that it leads to a healthier life balance, time for reflection and to contribute to collective action for a climate-friendly society. Recently, several studies have emphasized the climate benefits of working less. A six-month trial of four day work week in the UK involving 61 organizations and almost 3,000 workers from June to December 2022 showed a reduced carbon footprint, with less commuting travel and less electricity used.

The climate benefits of a four-day workweek

There's growing interest in the benefits of a four-day workweek for productivity and employee wellbeing, but the picture is more complicated when it comes to climate change.


In an article from Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy, another study from 2022 showed that the positive climate effects of working less was that people tend to spend their extra hours off with low carbon activities, such as resting and spending time with friends and family. Link to full article here:


Could reducing working hours be an option for your working place? And what would you do with the time - if you did not work?

Several studies show that a reduction in working hours could lead to climate benefits.

  • Evangeline Wanjiru

    13 w

    How practical is it in terms of revenue sourcing and all?

  • john linus Tom

    13 w

    Very interesting

    • zelda ninga

      13 w

      This is a good thing but i wonder if it can work some countries.

      • Munene Mugambi

        13 w

        This can work for non-essential workers while we increase the pay of essential workers who have to work every day.

        • Marine Stephan

          13 w

          Very interesting studies! I read also that shifting to a four-day week, without a reduction in pay, could shrink the UK’s carbon footprint by 127 million tonnes every year by 2025. That is a reduction of 21.8 %! And a report found that carbon emissions could be cut from the production of products like clothing, electronics and processed food, which I think makes sense because people would have more time to cook themselves and repair. Source: https://6a142ff6-85bd-4a7b-bb3b-476b07b8f08d.usrfiles.com/ugd/6a142f_5061c06b240e4776bf31dfac2543746b.pdf https://www.euronews.com/green/2021/07/08/why-iceland-s-four-day-week-trial-was-an-overwhelming-success-for-people-and-planet

          • Tabitha Kimani

            13 w

            In my opinion this may not be a viable option. At least not on a large scale.

            • Marine Stephan

              13 w

              @tabitha_kimani Why would you say that? Could you explain a bit more?

              • GoClimate

                13 w

                @tabitha_kimani Yes, that's probably the case for many organizations and individual workers in our current society! It's not an easy or doable option for everyone. Do you want to elaborate more about your thoughts and maybe what could be the obstacles?

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