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By: Hans Lak

COP is a Planned Failure Why having a bad plan is worse than not having a plan Henrik Nordborg food for thought to rethink our current poly crisis not just the #COP28 and #Climatecrisis 'The Conference of the Parties (aka COP) is a perfect example of a Planned Failure. It keeps many people and organizations busy, retains the illusion of progress, and prevents the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that would be necessary to save humanity. It started out with a couple of naïve assumptions: Climate Change is a problem that can be fixed by technology. There is no conflict between the size of the economy and climate protection. Countries are willing to collaborate. Today, we know these assumptions are wrong, so we need to stop beating the dead horse and go back to the drawing board. There currently is no plan for stopping climate change. We need to change that.' First question what crisis? There is no #Climatecrisis no #Biodiversityloss crisis these are just the consequences of a system that is operating beyond all the planetary boundaries..... stop looking just at emissions! Start looking at the causes....we must get money out of politics or corruption will keep us in the danger zone....the acceleration of extreme temperatures and extreme weather might help us create real change instead of new blahblahblah conferences.... we can not wait until #Dubai... the #Fossilfuel industry is killing us with their pollution will they transform? NOPE look at #Shell determined to drill for more Oil in the future not 2% less per year.... What If I told you that there are too many plans? Too many plans to protect the status quo while pretending to create real change.... 'The plot below shows global carbon dioxide emissions (solid blue) and global GDP (solid red) since 1970 and current climate policies (dashed lines). When I show in my climate lectures, the audience typically erupts in laughter. Yet, this is not a joke. The G20 nations have agreed on a global growth target of at least 2%. Simultaneously, they want to half CO2 emissions within a decade. The idea is absurd. Strong decoupling does not work, as pointed out by an increasing number of researchers.'
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If you only look at #Carbonemissions decoupling can work but not if you look at all planetary boundaries at the total impact on planet and people... we need to move #BeyondGDP focus on wellbeing not old school growth!

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