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Increased mental health disorders in vulnerable countries

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As the Global South continues to pay the price for Global North's luxurious life styles and absolute selfishness, there are now new problems to battle!
Recent studies show that climate change increases mental health disorders in people living in the vulnerable countries. There is evidence for increased depressive episodes, anxiety and other other mental health problems. Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are among some of the most vulnerable countries. There have been extreme floods, droughts and other natural disasters in these countries in the past few years and most, if not all of them are directly liked with climate change. The increased 1 degree may not be that big a deal for the colder regions of the world but it is too much for South Asia!
"As climate change worsens, temperatures and humidity will continue to increase, as will natural disasters, such as extreme flooding, which portends worsening impact on our collective mental health," Wahid says.
The physical impacts of climate disruption can be more easily seen so they garner more attention, Van Susteren says, adding: "Psychological burdens, by contrast, often lie hidden, seeping unconsciously into and insinuating themselves into every aspect of our lives, and that of our families and communities. Grossly underreported, they are exceedingly difficult to treat."
The impact is now beyond physical and deeply disturbing for people's mental welfare. Why is no court or so called "human rights" organization bothered by this?

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  • Kevin

    65 w

    Very hearwrenching to see climate change effects taking a toll on people's mental well being.

    • Tabitha Kimani

      66 w

      The climate change effects have left people very devastated and in hopeless situations.

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