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Climate love

New report: "plausible pathways still exist to keep global warming well below 2°C" #WeCanDoIt

U.S. energy firm BloombergNEF estimated in its annual energy report that "plausible pathways still exist to keep global warming well below 2°C," as called for in the Paris Agreement adopted in 2015. The report lists actions that must be taken by 2030 to hope to limit warming to 1.77°C above the pre-industrial era. "Pathways still exist to stay well below 2°C of warming (compared to the pre-industrial period), if governments and businesses act decisively in favor of low-carbon energy and technologies," stresses the annual edition of the New Energy Outlook, published by the BNEF consultancy a few days after the end of an inconclusive COP27 in terms of global climate ambition. The report draws up a list of actions to limit global warming to 1.77°C, focusing in particular on nine critical countries representing 63% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In this scenario of carbon neutrality in 2050, the world must rapidly deploy decarbonized electricity production and, "to a lesser extent", carbon storage and capture (CCS) and decarbonized hydrogen. "Shifting from fossil-based electricity to clean electricity will be the main driver of global emissions reductions in 2022-2050," making it possible to go about halfway, the authors estimate. In this projection, in 2050, the world's electricity production will come first from wind (48%), solar (26%), then from other renewables (7%), nuclear (9%), hydrogen, and residually from gas and coal with carbon capture. Decarbonization will also require the electrification of transport, industry, buildings, and heating, according to the report, which notes that the latter two areas are lagging behind. To get on the right track during this decade, we will have to invest 3 dollars in low-carbon energy for every dollar invested in fossil fuels. This proves one thing: We Can Do It! We just need to do it now. Read more (FR):

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      Yes, #WeCanDoIt

      Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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