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The elephant in the room - material resource constraints, supply chain, and governance + human rights (see Olivia Lazard's presentations on the latter). Came across this cornerstone of the gingerbread house after following the crumbs from Michael Moore's 'Planet of the Humans'... What is different here that you may not have seen is that this is the industry position i.e underpinning the justifications used recently at COP28 as to why fossil fuel usage must not just continue but actually accelerate in the short-term. There is no short-term. https://youtu.be/sgOEGKDVvsg?si=ktb07PftfH9AdgUE

  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

    12 w

    The mention of material resource constraints, supply chain issues, governance, and human rights in the context of COP28 sheds light on critical considerations often overlooked in discussions about fossil fuel usage. The reference to Olivia Lazard's presentations adds a layer of insight into human rights implications. The statement challenges the justifications presented at COP28 for accelerating fossil fuel usage in the short-term, emphasizing the need for a more sustainable and equitable approach.

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