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Ingmar Rentzhog

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For Advocating for the Protection of Earth

Ingmar Rentzhog is the founder & CEO of We Don’t Have Time, the world's largest review platform for the climate with the mission to empower everyday individuals and to push those in power to do more. Mr Rentzhog was born and raised in Ås, outside Östersund in Northern Sweden. He studied mathematics at Uppsala University, before founding the financial communication company Laika Consulting AB in 2004. Out of frustration that world leaders did not act on the climate crisis, Ingmar founded We Don’t Have Time with his colleague David Olsson in 2017. One year later, Mr Rentzhog sold Laika Consulting to be able to focus on scaling up We Don’t Have Time. In 2018, We Don’t Have Time created the world’s first no-fly digital climate conference, to prove it was possible to run a global show without emitting tons of carbon. Since then, the company has hosted a large number of climate events and broadcast series, including daily live broadcasts at the United Nations Climate Conference 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, in November 2021. The We Don't Have Time broadcasts reach millions of viewers from over 100 countries. Ingmar Rentzhog is a The Climate Reality Project, personally trained by Climate Reality founder, Nobel Laureate and former US vice president Al Gore. Since 2022 Ingmar Rentzhog is a European Climate Pact Ambassador. Launched by the European Commission, the Climate Pact is part of the European Green Deal and is helping the European Union to meet its goal to be the first climate-neutral continent in the world by 2050. Since March 2018 Mr Rentzhog is also a member of the European Climate Policy Task Force. The Team provides important support to strengthen positive European policy efforts on the EU level. Ingmar Rentzhog has been the chairman of the environmental think tank Global Utmaning (Global Challenge) and a board member of the investment crowdfunding platform FundedByMe. He is currently on the board of Naventus Corporate Finance

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  • Tabitha Kimani



    22 w

    A great leader who inspires so much hope and faith towards solving the climate change crisis.

    • Peter Kamau



      22 w

      I'm a proud member of WDHT,a community of real change makers and one which is causing a transformative wave in pursuit for climate justice. Accolades well deserved to Ingmar and David.

      Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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