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IPL 2023 Auction
IPL 2023 Auction

IPL 2023 Auction: Unveiling the Top Most Expensive Players
The IPL 2023 auction witnessed a cascade of riches flowing towards players, particularly from England and Australia. This mega event not only set new records but also reshaped the hierarchy of the highest-earning players, with veterans like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and Lokesh Rahul sliding down the list. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intriguing details of the top most expensive players of the IPL 2023 season. 1. Marks - Lucknow Super Giants The list kicks off with Australia's all-rounder Marks, retained by Lucknow Super Giants for a whopping Rs 9 crore 20 lakh. Marks, known for his dynamic skills, secured his place as the 31st most expensive player for the IPL 2023 season. 2. Kagiso Rabada - Punjab Kings
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Securing the 30th spot is South African fast bowler Kagiso Rabada, retained by Punjab Kings for Rs 9 crore 25 lakh. His stellar performance in IPL 2022 justified Punjab Kings' decision to retain him for the upcoming season. 3. Josh Butler - Rajasthan Royals At number 29, we have the explosive wicketkeeper-batsman Josh Butler, retained by Rajasthan Royals for Rs 10 crore. The Rajasthan Royals management demonstrated confidence in Butler's abilities, keeping him in their squad for IPL 2023. 4. Lockie Ferguson - Kolkata Knight Riders New Zealand's fast bowler Lockie Ferguson is at the 28th position. Kolkata Knight Riders retained him for the 2023 season, investing Rs 10 crore in this pace sensation. 5. Prasidh Krishna - Rajasthan Royals
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Fast bowler Prasidh Krishna, a consistent performer, holds the 27th position. Rajasthan Royals retained him for Rs 10 crores, reflecting their trust in his bowling prowess. 6. Avesh Khan - Lucknow Super Giants Securing the 26th spot is Avesh Khan, retained by Lucknow Super Giants for Rs 10 crore. Despite a mixed performance in IPL 2022, Avesh Khan earned another stint in the IPL, thanks to his promising skills. 7. Wanindu Hasaranga - Royal Challengers Bangalore At the 25th position is Sri Lankan all-rounder Wanindu Hasaranga. Royal Challengers Bangalore bought him for Rs 10 crore 75 lakhs last season and retained him at the same price for IPL 2023. 8. Harshal Patel - Royal Challengers Bangalore Fast bowler Harshal Patel occupies the 24th spot. Royal Challengers Bangalore retained him for Rs 10 crore 75 lakh, recognizing his value as a key player in their bowling attack. 9. Shardul Thakur - Kolkata Knight Riders Shardul Thakur, the fast bowler, is at the 23rd position. Delhi Capitals had bought him for Rs 10 crore 75 lakh in IPL 2022, but a lackluster performance led to his transfer to Kolkata Knight Riders for the 2023 season. 10. Glenn Maxwell - Royal Challengers Bangalore
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The explosive all-rounder Glenn Maxwell holds the 22nd spot. Retained by Royal Challengers Bangalore for Rs 11 crore, Maxwell adds power to both their batting and bowling line-ups. 11. Liam Livingstone - Punjab Kings England's all-rounder Liam Livingstone secures the 21st spot. Punjab Kings retained him for Rs 11 crore 75 lakh, acknowledging his stellar performance in the previous season. 12. Mahendra Singh Dhoni - Chennai Super Kings
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The iconic Captain Cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, occupies the 20th spot. Chennai Super Kings invested Rs 12 crores to retain him for what might be his final IPL season. 13. Andre Russell - Kolkata Knight Riders Known for his explosive batting, Andre Russell is the 19th most expensive player. Kolkata Knight Riders retained him for Rs 12 crore, considering him a vital asset for their middle order. 14. Rashid Khan - Gujarat Titans
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Rashid Khan, the Afghan leg-spinner, is the 18th most expensive player. Retained by Gujarat Titans for Rs 15 crores, his exceptional spin bowling makes him a valuable asset. 15. Virat Kohli - Royal Challengers Bangalore Formerly the top earner, Virat Kohli is at the 17th spot. After a fee reduction in 2022, he continues with Royal Challengers Bangalore for Rs 15 crores in IPL 2023. 16. Ishan Kishan - Mumbai Indians Emerging batsman Ishan Kishan claims the 16th spot. Bought by Mumbai Indians for Rs 15 crore 25 lakh in the 2022 auction, he's retained for the same amount for IPL 2023. You can also generate a substantial income from cricket by offering cricket coaching and selling cricket accessories. Additionally, income can be derived from betting on the IPL, but the ethicality of this practice varies from country to country. 17. Rishabh Pant - Delhi Capitals
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Dynamic wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant is the 15th most expensive player. Retained by Delhi Capitals for Rs 16 crores, Pant adds firepower to their batting order. 18. Ravindra Jadeja - Chennai Super Kings All-rounder Ravindra Jadeja holds the 14th position. Contrary to speculations, Chennai Super Kings retained him for Rs 16 crores, cementing his role in both batting and bowling departments. 19. Rohit Sharma - Mumbai Indians
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The successful captain, Rohit Sharma, is the 13th most expensive player. Mumbai Indians retained him for Rs 16 crores, underscoring his leadership and batting prowess. 20. Nicholas Pooran - Lucknow Super Giants West Indies wicketkeeper-batsman Nicholas Pooran secures the 12th spot. Lucknow Super Giants acquired him for Rs 16 crores, making him a key asset in their batting lineup. 21. Ben Stokes - Chennai Super Kings England's star all-rounder Ben Stokes holds the 11th position. Chennai Super Kings invested Rs 16.5 crores to secure his services for IPL 2023. Conclusion The IPL 2023 auction showcased a reshuffling of the cricketing elite, with England and Australia dominating the list of top earners. From seasoned veterans to emerging talents, each player's value was determined by their past performances and future potential. The countdown from 31 to 11 highlighted the diverse talent pool, with all-rounders, bowlers, and batsmen making their mark. As we move into the top 10, the anticipation grows to uncover the highest-priced stars in this cricketing extravaganza. Stay tuned for the final reveal of the most expensive players in IPL 2023.
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