Esther Wanjiku's post

Governments in Africa must walk the talk on climate change In the aftermath of the recent Climate Summit in Nairobi, the enthusiasm surrounding climate change discourse remains, yet actions from African countries appear to lag behind the talk. While conferences and meetings addressing climate change proliferate, substantive actions resulting from these discussions remain scarce. Several fundamental issues need urgent attention to bridge the gap between rhetoric and implementation. Firstly, the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), integral to the Paris Agreement, demands immediate consideration. Most discussions fail to shed light on how far African countries have progressed in executing their NDCs. Reports indicate that many nations are still awaiting funding to kickstart the implementation of their NDCs, rendering the discussions incongruent with on-the-ground realities. Underfunding and marginalisation of meteorological departments form the second crucial issue. Inadequate resources hinder the production of accurate weather data, resulting in a lack of timely predictions for weather patterns. This deficit in forecasting capability exacerbates the vulnerability of African countries to weather-related catastrophes. Furthermore, climate change, being a multifaceted challenge, necessitates its integration into existing development plans. Allocating national funds for climate change initiatives becomes imperative, diminishing the reliance on external sources. A third challenge emerges from studies indicating a misunderstanding of the concept of climate change. Recent research in Kenya reveals that students lack sufficient knowledge about climate change, even though they can identify changes in weather patterns. This knowledge gap extends to global and local climate change actors, protocols, and strategies. To address this, governments must integrate climate change education from primary school to university, given the youth's significant role as environmental custodians.

  • johnte ndeto

    16 w

    African leaders should embrace change towards positive climate change

    • Abraham Jok Atem

      20 w

      All the African leaders must be fully involved in changing our climate

      • Gorffly mokua

        20 w

        @abraham_jok_atem True, we all have a role to play!

      • zelda ninga

        20 w

        African leaders should practice what they preach... We are the most affected and our government can't be able to support us all when they is crisis so they should wake up.

        • Munene Mugambi

          20 w

          Governments in Africa have to stop collaboration with the imperialists who harm our planet

          • winnie nguru

            20 w

            We demand words backed by action not just empty words

            • Gorffly mokua

              20 w

              @winnie_nguru Yes! This is what is expected frim them, and nothing less..

              • Peter Kamau

                20 w

                @winnie_nguru We sure do

              • Gorffly mokua

                20 w

                If our leaders wont walk the talk, then our hopes to achieve climate goals will be shuttered!

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