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Climate love in sixth anniversary for relentless efforts to combat climate change

We don't have time has come a long way in past six years. The voices of concerned climate scientists in the emphatic video of 22.04.2018 has now become far more louder , clearer and stronger because WDHT is pursuing the activists, financers, political leaders, students, citizens - everyone and enabling to coalesce to take action. The platform which once captured battle of one lone little girl for climate action is now hosting voices of so many youngsters.
It is heartiest to know that the push of WDHT through "leaked draft" is influencing the decision makers towards the right choices like adoption of directive on energy performance of buildings and is expected to take right direction at this crucial cross road.
The phenomenal growth of WDHT in past six years has many milestones. #Move the money campaign is one of the most courageous stances. Good work and hard work may or may not pay instantly but good work has to be continued because good work of today shall bring good results for tomorrow of day after tomorrow. T
Let us celebrate the journey of "We don't have time" and look forward for climate success.

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  • George Kariuki

    5 w

    It's amazing to see how we've grown from a single voice to a global platform. Here's to many more years of climate action and #ClimateSuccess. Let's keep fighting for a better future. ✊

    Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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