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Carbominer Leaps Forward with €1.5M EIC Accelerator Fund Grant 🚀 Carbominer, a pioneer in Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology, secured a €1.5 Million grant, with the potential for up to €7.5 million in equity as the project progresses. Here is the scoop:
The EIC Commission's backing is set to propel Carbominer's DAC technology towards commercialization. The roadmap includes enhancing technology for DAC machines capable of capturing 50 to 250 tons of CO2 per year, engaging in pre-commercialization activities with European vertical farms and smart greenhouses, and setting up a DAC-unit production line within the next four years. Why Carbominer Stands Out:
🌍 Innovative DAC Units: Carbominer's technology specializes in capturing atmospheric CO2, essential for combating climate change, with modular units designed for both CO2 capture and regeneration. 🌱 Indoor Agriculture Impact: With a keen focus on sustainable food production, Carbominer aims to revolutionize indoor farming by supplying green atmospheric CO2, boosting crop yields and efficiency. 🌿 Resilient Growth: Despite challenges, including the impact of the conflict in Ukraine, Carbominer has shown remarkable progress, from launching an R&D lab to deploying a 1-tonne DAC machine prototype in a paid pilot project. Discover more about Carbominer's journey and their vision for a greener future 👉

Carbominer is currently raising funds, get in touch with Viktoria O:

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