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Scotland can lead world in climate crisis

Scotland will transition from Europe's oil and gas capital to its net-zero capital as it provides "moral leadership" on the climate crisis, Humza Yousaf has claimed. The first minister said his government was "putting money where our mouth is" during a speech at a New York Climate Week event. He announced funding for countries worst affected by climate change. Mr Yousaf was the keynote speaker at an event on "financing climate justice". He warned countries in the global south who had contributed least to global CO2 emissions were bearing the brunt of the climate emergency. "We are collectively guilty of catastrophic negligence and our children have every right to be angry and they have every right, quite frankly, not to forgive us if we do not step up," the SNP leader said. He announced an extra £800,000 of funding, in partnership with the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund, to help the victims of Storm Freddy in Malawi. The first minister also said the government would partner with the Climate Justice Resilience Fund to deliver £5m for a non-economic loss and damage programme. A further £1m is to be provided to address loss and damage through the Humanitarian Emergency Fund.

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  • Princess

    38 w

    With its rich natural resources and a strong emphasis on sustainability, Scotland can serve as a role model for other regions in the world striving to make a significant impact on the climate crisis.

    • johnte ndeto

      38 w

      Transition from being the oil and gas capital of Europe to unleashing their renewable potential and becoming the net-zero capital of the world is really impressive

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