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Climate love

From a problem to a solution: Used cooking oil replacing diesel and jetfuel

In Malaysia, Litrocom collects used cooking oil (UCO) from frying and deep-frying, from restaurants, hotels, food industries and even households. it is filtered at their site in Johar and then sold to refineries which can use the UCO to produce sustainable fuels. The biggest buyer is Finnish Neste, that ships it to its refinery in Singapore, where it is turned into HVO that can replace fossil diesel and SAF that can replace fossil jetfuel. Since this UCO would otherwise be just waste, often clogging up sewage systems, the efficiency, sustainability and climate gains compared to the fossil fuels replaced are tremendous - estimated at around 90% CO2 emissions reductions. At the same time, local jobs are created and households and others gain an income from their waste oils. See video here ! And the 2030-secretariat report (In Swedish),

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  • Gorffly mokua

    5 d

    Wonderful innovation💚💚

    • Markus Lutteman

      20 w

      This is a great way of turning waste into resources.

      • Patrick Kiash

        20 w

        Very commendable solution! It should be implemented all over, as it have more benefits.

        • We Don't Have Time

          22 w

          Dear Mattias Goldmann Thank you for getting your climate love to level 2! We have reached out to Neste and requested a response. I will keep you updated on any progress! /Muhammad We Don't Have Time

          • Daryl Cleary

            22 w

            We no longer need to burn fuel, we have sunshine, wind, geothermal and ocean energy for that.

            • Muhammad Fahd Khan

              22 w

              This should happen in every country.

              • Peter Kamau

                23 w

                Superbly done.

                • Tabitha Kimani

                  23 w

                  Awesome. Creating jobs and solving a crisis.

                  • Marine Stephan

                    23 w

                    This is such a great innovation!

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