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Exciting #SET100 News: 2 start-ups from our community have done it again and we couldn’t be more thrilled about these past week's wins. A huge congrats to both Boreal Light and Modvion 👏
🏆 Our SDG-7 and Quality Access category finalist from 2021, Boreal Light recently won 1st place in Germany's SDG-Award 2022. We are thrilled that their affordable, top-notch solar water desalination technology, which can be game-changing for off-grid communities is getting the recognition it deserves.
🏆 Our 2022 Clean Energy Generation category winner, Modvion won the Dagens Industri/Aktuell Hållbarhet E-Prize for the second year in a row and was featured in NY Teknik's top 33 list of innovative companies. They continue to challenge norms in the wind energy industry by spearheading the transition to sustainable, wood-made turbines.
#SET100 #prize #challenges #startups
Image Sources: via their respective LinkedIn channels
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      congratulations to him. 👏✔✔

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