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Isnt it about time that war ends people? God said "Love thy neighbor as thyself..." What ever happened to that? Most of these countries are fighting over religion. If you people truly Loved God, you would obey his word. He said obey the law unless it goes against God, then ALWAYS OBEY GOD FIRST! Well, DO NOT KILL is one of the 10 commandments! Even the koran, and the Torah speak of the 10 commandments. So why are you fighting? For God? He said not to kill, but to Love! I dont see taking the life of someones child, someones husband, someones brother as LOVE! GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE! THERE'S BEEN ENOUGH KILLING! START LOVING SOMEONE! Walk off the field right now and go do something for somebody! ANYBODY! Just do it! Youll feel better loving than killing, I ASSURE you! May you be blessed, and BE a blessing! Amen, Selah, So let it be...
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