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Image of Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism, Government of South Sudan

Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism, Government of South Sudan

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Experts criticised govt for dredging project and asks to stop it

The Naam River dredging project and the plans to resume the construction of the Jonglei Canal have sparked controversy, with citizens crying for a feasibility study. Public calls for the government stops the plan arguing that it could cause environmental damage.

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  • Sarah Chabane

    33 w

    These types of projects need to be stopped!

    • johnte ndeto

      33 w

      Our waters and aquatic life should be protected

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        33 w

        Anything that will cause environmental damage should be stopped, our mother nature needs to be protected

        • Rotich Kim

          33 w

          The government should look keenly and address the matter

          • CHRIS NGATIA

            33 w

            The government should use such critisms to identify areas for improvement ... Critisms can also provide insights and perspectives that we may not have been considered

            • Princess

              33 w

              The govt should take these criticism s seriously and revaluates its action.

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