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Greenercoin in partnership with Arlequin for 15 days!

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The countdown is on, ladies and gentlemen!

A promising new collaboration is underway between Greenercoin, our eco-friendly start-up, and Arlequin, a French trading company. This partnership aims to combine Greenercoin’s environmental goals with Arlequin’s financial expertise to create innovative solutions in the field of sustainable finance. Greenercoin has quickly made a name for itself in the landscape of environmentally responsible start-ups. Through our use of blockchain technology, we have developed not only the first certified green blockchain, but also a platform that encourages green action by rewarding individuals and companies for sustainable practices.

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The Web3 ecosystem in France is booming, with many key players contributing to its development. Among these players are innovative startups, established companies, and leading academic institutions.
Startups play a central role in this ecosystem by bringing innovative ideas and pushing the boundaries of Web3 technology. Some companies focus on developing decentralized platforms based on blockchain, offering solutions for digital authentication and identity management. They create a secure and transparent environment for users, while others specialize in the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications focused on decentralized finance (DeFi). With their expertise in blockchain protocols and smart contracts, they contribute to the creation of an open financial ecosystem accessible to all.
France supports these startups by putting them in the spotlight, and this country is full of good ideas. Greenercoin is the perfect example. Do you know many startups that work for the good of the economy while saving the planet?
Academic institutions also play a crucial role in the Web3 ecosystem in France. Universities and research centers collaborate with companies and startups to stimulate innovation and train a new generation of developers and experts in decentralized technology. Research and training programs are put in place to explore the possibilities offered by Web3, particularly in the areas of security, governance, and token economics.

Presentation of Arlequin Finance, a French trading company

  • Arlequin Finance, our partner in this adventure, is a French company specialized in trading and financial services. With their expertise and experience in the field, Arlequin brings an essential dimension to our partnership. Their in-depth knowledge of financial markets and their ability to assess risks and opportunities are valuable assets for our collaboration.
    Let us briefly introduce you to Arlequin, a web-based trading platform3 that focuses on security, accessibility and exceptional performance! Using this cutting-edge technology, Arlequin offers users the ability to trade over 3 million assets at extremely competitive fees. Through the innovation of Web3, Harlequin is revolutionizing the trading industry by introducing reduced fees through the use of tokenization technologies. This approach splits the costs associated with transactions, resulting in significant savings for users. The French company positions itself as a complete solution for traders, providing easy access to a wide range of financial assets, all with low fees. Whether you want to trade crypto-currencies, stocks, currencies or other assets, Arlequin offers a user-friendly and intuitive platform to make your trades safely.
    Working hand in hand with Arlequin, we intend to explore new avenues in the field of sustainable finance. We want to develop innovative financing mechanisms that promote green projects and enable a transition to a more environmentally friendly economy. Through this collaboration, we hope to catalyze change and encourage others in the industry to engage in more sustainable practices.

    Motivations for the Alliance between Greenercoin and Arlequin


    The motivations that led us to form this alliance with Arlequin are multiple and complementary. First, we share a common vision of the importance of ecology and sustainability in our daily actions (if you are interested in Greenercoin’s actions we invite you to read this article). Together, we are convinced that it is possible to reconcile financial profitability with respect for the environment.
    In addition, Arlequin brings essential financial expertise to support Greenercoin’s development. Their in-depth knowledge of markets and investments will allow us to put in place solid and transparent financial mechanisms for our community. We want to ensure that every investment in Greenercoin has a real and positive impact on the environment.
    Finally, this alliance offers us the opportunity to expand our reach and accelerate our growth. By working with Arlequin, we will be able to reach new markets and educate more people about the importance of ecology and sustainability. Together we intend to push the boundaries of sustainable finance and encourage a transition to a greener future.
    Over the next 15 days, Greenercoin and Harlequin will be working hand-in-hand to promote this collaboration and encourage potential investors and partners
    So ready for tomorrow? Ready for our presale audience? It's on !

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