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What adaptation strategies can you suggest for smallholder farmers? Many inhabitants of the Kumbo subdivision of the Northwest region of Cameroon are smallholder farmers. They cultivate crops such as maize, beans, Irish potato, for family consumption and for sell. It is from the sales of their farm products that they educate their children in school. This year, they expected the first rains to drop by mid March. The rains came earlier and they planted their crops. Unfortunately for them the rains disappeared and only returned 3weeks after when the seeds they planted had dried up in the soil. They had to replant hoping to make a good harvest during the harvest season(around September,October and November). I visited this area during the harvest season and couldn't believe my eyes. The corn that did not even do well started germinating in the farm due to heavy rains that has falling lately. One of them cries that her potato field that use to produce 8bags of Irish potato could not produce up to 3bags. I listened to a few of them lament of what will become of them this year, now that the harvest is so poor. "How are we going to feed?" "How are we going to send our children to school?" I am worried! This is my homeland!. In as much as we are thriving to reduce the effects of climate change, it is equally important to make sure people are adapting to the already existing effects especially small holder farmers in rural areas. What adaptation strategies can you suggest. Please share in the comment section.

  • Connor Lascelles

    29 w

    There are some low tech and hopefully affordable things they could do. Have a look at Andrew Millison's videos on YouTube. He shows us how to make our lands more resilient to unpredictable weather. Here is one video but there are many more on his channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3tpaIf6Jcc

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