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Super news! Currently, there are more Atlantic salmon in American rivers than at any other time in the last decade! And by looking at the trends, it's not a fluke. Decades of dam construction, overfishing, and pollution had greatly slashed salmon numbers. But in the Penobscot River in Maine, four of the last five years have seen salmon numbers reach over 1,000; the years before never saw more than 850. . But in the grand scheme of things, that number still has a ways to go before things can be considered "fine". Before intense damming of East Coast rivers, salmon runs were in the tens of thousands. The fish fall under the protection of the Endangered Species Act, and with the reported uptick in numbers, conservationists are hopeful for increased measures (since something is definitely working). . . Read more about Atlantic salmon numbers:

. Graphic shows a grid of fish. The factoid reads: "There are more Atlantic salmon in American rivers now than any other time in the past decade." . Pixel Planet Today is created by @Terrabyte. Give us a follow and keep up with the other stuff we're doing. ❤️🌎 . . #atlanticsalmon #conservation #marineconservation #oceanconservation #salmonconservation #fishfacts #pixelplanet #pixelplanettoday #terrabyte #pixelart #planetfacts #artivism #climatedesign

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  • Gorffly mokua

    40 w

    Good news indeed! This is an indication that our voices and small actions can change the world.

    • Ingmar Rentzhog

      40 w

      Fantastic news. We can turn things around

      • Gorffly mokua

        40 w

        @Rentzhog Together we are the solution.

        • Pixel Planet Today

          39 w

          @gorffly_mokua we couldn't agree more! 🙌🌎

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