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Climate idea

Climate idea

Majority of Kenyans do wear clothes and when this clothes wear out the only option they are left with is to dispose the same clothes. I consider giving an idea in this. The way we disclose our waste clothes is either throwing them away or burning the clothes which still doesn't solve the problem but rather lead us into a big problem. Both the two ways are endangering our environment and climate in general. I feel clothes worn our clothes can be recycled and make new clothes again and there is a technology for this. Collecting the worn out clothes and putting them to a certain process resulting to other new ones can help reduce their disposal effects on the environment. I hope this idea be considered since I feel this is a good to our nation bearing in mind how many clothes we dispose on a daily basis and we can have proper mechanisms of having this clothes reach textile industries and be recycled to new clothes again

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  • Alex Boru

    84 w

    We can have athrift store where by you can take the clothes there and someone can pass by and take it home because noy everyone can afford to buy new clothes or may the cloth does not feet's you or can feet another person

    • Tabitha Kimani

      84 w

      A good idea, yes it can be done.

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