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Shell, BP, Total, Sasol: Stop wrecking Africa. Pay for your destruction.

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  • Elizabeth Gathigia

    44 w

    They should be held responsible for all the damage they have caused and pay for it!

    • Gorffly mokua

      44 w

      They must be held accountable for their own actions!

      • winnie nguru

        44 w

        The UN Sec Gen has been an outspoken activist in his own right, Its commendable. I agree with him on this and I applaud all activists . The dangerous radicals ought to course correct their mistakes. This is madness for sure!

        • Lucinda Ramsay

          44 w

          I''m sure activists will be lauded in the future but they are being criminalised and painted as 'activists ' when we need everyone together now..humans are our own worst enemy.

          • bonke reinhard

            44 w

            Will continue fighting for the climate change ,the issue of fossil fuels must end

            • Sameen Shahid

              44 w

              They must pay for their actions!

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