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Greta Thunberg wind farm protest forces Norway energy minister to abandon UK trip.

Norway’s energy minister cancelled a trip to Britain on Wednesday because of a protest against a wind farm that campaigners say hinders the rights of the Sami indigenous people to raise reindeer in Arctic Norway.
They are protesting against a wind farm that’s still operating despite a ruling by Norway’s Supreme Court in October 2021 that the construction of the wind turbines violated the rights of the Sami, who have been using the land for reindeer for centuries.
On Tuesday, Mr. Aasland spoke to the activists, some of whom donned the Sami’s traditional bright-colored dress, saying the government will make a “new decision” on the wind farm, but he could not give any specifics “until we have a sufficient knowledge basis for it”. That infuriated the activists who said in a statement that “our will to fight is only growing after Terje Aasland’s visit with the same empty words as always”.

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  • Evangeline Wanjiru

    67 w

    Kudos to Greta! It is indeed a brilliant idea.

    • john linus Tom

      67 w

      Great idea

      • Joseph Githinji

        67 w

        Great job @Greta 👍

        • Elizabeth Gathigia

          67 w

          This means when we come together there's power in our voices

          • Peter Kanyarati

            67 w

            People, Profits and Environment... the new focus for businesses

            • Tabitha Kimani

              67 w

              @Peter Kamau. I agree 100%

              • Peter Kamau

                67 w

                Good job @Greta...Well,I agree and love the idea that the project was intended to boost renewable energy in Norway but that didn't mean it should have been at the expense of the reindeers.This habitat is equally important and shouldn't be overshadowed no matter what.

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