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Watch the Nordic Food Waste Summit 2023 live on We Don't Have Time 🍃♻️
Food loss and waste are big sustainability issues with vast effects on our climate and environment. More than a third of all the food produced globally is lost or wasted. In the Nordic countries, approximately 3.6 million tons of food are wasted annually. If food waste were a country, it would be the third biggest greenhouse gas emitter in the world. Reducing food loss and waste are key aspects to create sustainable food systems for the health of our environment, climate, and people.

The Nordic Food Waste Summit brings together experts, politicians, authorities, businesses, and civil society in an effort to increase cooperation and bring about urgent action to reduce food loss and waste.
Join us live on We Don't Have Time for inspiring discussions about how we can step up the fight against food loss and waste.

Check out the program:

Nordic Food Waste Summit 2023 – Apr 26, 2023–Apr 26, 2023

Watch the Nordic Food Waste Summit 2023 live on We Don't Have Time


  • Sarah Chabane

    4 w

    What a great event! I hope that there will be more of this in the upcoming years. The Nordic countries feel very much behind when it comes to tackling food waste and losses but seeing all these sectors come together is encouraging and inspiring.

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