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Australia is preparing to burn – more fossil fuels

Australians are used to seeing messages with advice on preparing for bushfires and other extreme weather at this time of year.
“Amid the Christmas promotions, [we’re] seeing increased warnings about extreme heat and fires and how to cope and stay safe,” Belinda Noble, the founder of climate advocacy organisation Comms Declare, told Al Jazeera.
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  • Jane Wangui

    16 w

    This is a climate warning.


      17 w

      Needs to be a warning ...This are some very sad news .... Australia needs to stop their doings

      • walter lungayi

        17 w

        i think this should be a warning

        • Gorffly mokua

          17 w

          This should be a climate warning!! Not a climate love!

          • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

            17 w

            Australia's increased warnings about extreme heat and fires during the holiday season highlight the ongoing climate challenges. Despite these alerts, the concerning reality is the country's preparation to burn more fossil fuels, emphasizing the urgent need for sustainable practices and a transition to cleaner energy sources. The juxtaposition of climate warnings and continued reliance on fossil fuels underscores the imperative for decisive action to combat climate change

            • Princess

              17 w

              It's concerning to hear about Australia's increasing focus on burning more fossil fuels, especially amid heightened warnings about extreme heat and fires.

              • Tabitha Kimani

                17 w

                @Abraham, If they are burning more fossils it should be a warning but if they are banning then its climate love.

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