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Deep sea mining and oil drilling have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the depletion of resources on land. However, the environmental impact of these practices is severe and cannot be ignored. Here are some reasons why deep sea mining and oil drilling should be halted: Destruction of marine habitats: Deep sea mining and oil drilling can damage delicate marine ecosystems, including coral reefs and underwater mountains, which are important for biodiversity. Release of toxic chemicals: Mining and drilling operations can release toxic chemicals into the ocean, including heavy metals, oil, and other pollutants. These substances can harm marine life and cause long-term damage to the environment. Contribution to climate change: Extracting and burning fossil fuels from deep sea reserves can contribute to climate change by releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Potential for accidents: Deep sea mining and oil drilling operations are inherently risky, and accidents can have catastrophic consequences for the environment and marine life. Given the potential harm to the environment and marine life, it is imperative that the United Nations ceases and desists from plans to continue with deep sea mining and oil drilling. Instead, the focus should be on transitioning to cleaner, sustainable sources of energy that do not harm the environment. This can be achieved through the development of alternative energy sources, as well as the implementation of regulations and policies that prioritize environmental protection over profit.

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  • Daniel Waweru

    66 w

    This should be stopped and marine life should be protected.

    • Skinner Sweet

      66 w

      The energy just come down on us. When it even comes to electricity, we really gotta think what to do.

      • Hilda Wangui

        66 w

        Marine life's have to be protected in all means

        • rosebellendiritu

          65 w

          @hilda_wangui Their lives and existence also matters

        • Majdi Alnajjar

          66 w

          Sea protection system 🏝️

          • Ford Brodeur

            66 w

            Hi! Are you saying the United Nations is at fault for deep sea mining? I’m a little confused because your post doesn’t say anything about the United Nations causing the deep sea mining. I’d recommend you writing a climate warning to those responsible or using the “post” button to talk about general topics.

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