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Eartbanc is proposing to monitor how much carbon offset is taking place in reality by earth observations. Earthbanc is collaborating with the European Space Agency. This is a good idea to monitor the progress of carbon-sequestration-claims made by different companies about Carbon offsetting. However, it is to be kept in mind that efficient monitoring should always be supplemented by efficient verification and efficient reporting. Individuals or companies, who are now closely monitoring daily ups and downs of carbon prices in different sites may feel that if “Electricity is the new oil (Ref: The carbon recap of Carbon Credit on 30.09.2023)" then Carbon Pricing is the new determinant in share market and stock exchanges. Not only the companies but also the countries are picking their stock exchanges for trading credit. As for example Indonesia has picked their Indonesia Stock Exchange and is expecting to earn $194 billion revenue (Indonesia Launches Carbon Credit Market In A Leap Toward Net Zero (
). Surinam, a South American Country also declared to become first carbon negative country and registered for 4.8 Million ton Carbon reduction, which may earn 4.8 M credit. Establishing neutral and transparent MRVs (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) will improve reliability of carbon trading ventures and inspire many to take the plunge for mega scale GHG mitigation. Deciding the monitoring mechanisms only on the basis of earth observations is good for starting the process but it must be expanded, extended and validated with other measurements including mass-based measurements. Assessments of carbon offset by windmill is totally different from assessing carbon offset by Mangroves, where trees thrive in three different heights. Monitoring of carbon offset by lowest tire of plants in a Mangrove Forest can be done by state-of-earth ground level remote sensing but cannot be done from over-the-top satellite imaging. These lowest tire trees grow under the canopy of other trees and are not captured in satellite imaging. Annual monitoring instead of five-year period monitoring is a pertinent idea, if it is doable. Auditing and monitoring demand readiness of infrastructure and adequate funding. Requirements of arranging the same every year in place of five-year interval needs thorough workout. Overall, the initiative of Earthblanc is timely initiative and needs climate love to mature into a dependable MRV system.

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  • Kevin

    37 w

    Indeed commendable

    • Sarah Chabane

      37 w

      Very useful!

      • Joseph Githinji

        37 w

        This is a great mechanism, companies must stop greenwashing mentality and be sincere for us to win the war against climate change effects.

        • Elizabeth Gathigia

          37 w

          It's a good initiative

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