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Products and Services — Desert Control

Clay-rich soil can retain water and has high drought resilience. Mixing clay into the ground, however, is difficult.
Desert Control invented a process to turn clay into a liquid nearly as thin as water. The solution is provided as a service and the patented process does not contain any chemicals. As part of the service Desert Control team will manage a turn-key delivery of soil treatment by spraying the compound onto the ground or applying it via irrigation systems across the affected land.

Each clay type has unique properties and different soils require custom liquid compositions. Desert Control Mixing Units are therefore brought directly to the customer where we mix on site where the natural clay is turned into a liquid nearly as thin as water.

The liquid compound creates a 40-60 centimeter deep layer, and gravity brings the tiny clay particles down into the ground. Sticking to each grain of sand, they form a soil structure that retains water like a sponge. This process turns degraded sand into fertile soil and reduce water usage with up to 50 percent.

Through validation carried out by an independent research organization, a 47% reduction in water consumption has been documented in order to maintain optimal growth conditions for LNC-treated soil, better soil health, and crop yields in agriculture, which shows an increase from 17-62%. The technology is validated for both green landscapes and for agriculture.

Desert Control solution and services can enhance the greening of urban areas with significantly water and cost savings. Especially in the Emirates, this is something that is very water-intensive to achieve. As in California, the water prices have risen sharply in recent years making it costly to retain urban areas green. The LNC treatment offers large savings on reduced water consumption in addition to several other benefits such as increased property values.

The agriculture industry represents the single largest consumer of water in the world, accounting for ~70% of water withdrawals. Water challenges are therefore closely tied to food provisions and trade. Desert Control has documented that LNC reduces the consumption of water up to 50 % at the same time as crop yields up to 62%.


Desert Controls solution is provided as a service to deliver turnkey implementations of soil ecosystem enhancement projects and land management practices.

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  • Daniel Waweru

    3 w

    The transformation is heartwarming

    • Sarah Chabane

      3 w

      Are these pics from Desert Control? It looks more like Justdiggit's work

      • Joseph Githinji

        3 w

        This is a great plan, an answer to good insecurity.

        • zelda ninga

          3 w

          Now that we have lots of rain we should expect more results.

          • Wil Sillen

            3 w

            I invested in this a few years ago. Unfortunately the result so far - 71%

          • Ingmar Rentzhog

            3 w

            Love those pictures of what is possible! We can do it! Keep it up Desert Control!

            • dickson mutai

              3 w

              @Rentzhog Beautiful what's possible

            • Munene Mugambi

              3 w

              This is phenomenal. The change is beautiful

            • Tabitha Kimani

              3 w

              What a great solution towards solving hunger and managing water crisis!

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