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Even without private jets, we ALL live above our CO2 budget - because we can, because we want to, because we are selfish - more or less. And also because we simply lack climate-friendly consumption alternatives on a realistic scale. So we like to focus on small things and believe that we have already done something good when we buy LED lamps or switch off the camera during video conferences to save a little data volume - true to the motto: every little bit counts (unfortunately not). Many of us are also simply not yet aware of the enormous dimension of the necessary reduction in emissions. And this is precisely where the dilemma lies. We like to blame others who lead an even more emissions-intensive lifestyle than we do ourselves, thus supposedly relativizing our responsibility. But this finger-pointing leads nowhere, except to the division of our society. The problem is systemic and can only be solved as such. Namely by means of a systemic solution that plays in the same league as the problem itself.
Our proposal: a personal CO2 budget for everyone in the same amount to pay for individual fossil fuel consumption.
Find out more about this idea and visit our website:
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