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Baby diaper use must become more environmentally friendly

💡 Did you know that baby diapers are the 3rd most common product in landfills? 🗑️👶 This single-use diaper trend, introduced in the mid-20th century, has led to environmental challenges like increased waste, resource consumption, and potential pollution. ♻️ Discover eight ways we can make baby diaper use more environmentally friendly in this insightful article 👇 :

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  • Jane Wangui

    46 w

    I agree. Its like in a heap of garbage 80%is baby diapers.It is not environmental friendly at all and any ideas that could solve this world wide problem is always welcome.

    • Studio Mylene

      47 w

      As a mum concerned for the environment, I think reusable nappies and wipes made from sustainable materials like bamboo are a great alternative. Consumers need to make the switch and realise that not only reusable nappies/wipes are better for the environment, they also save you lots of money and once you are done using them you can donate them.

      • Videlis Eddie

        48 w

        The producers should look on ways to dispose them

        • Kevin

          48 w

          Companies and people using them also need to find better ways of disposal

          • Sarah Chabane

            48 w

            I feel like with the type of products that people need, in large quantities, producers should be forced to find a sustainable solution. It's not like people can live without diapers

            • Tabitha Kimani

              48 w

              The producers of diapers should find a way of taking care of their end product.

              • Daniel Waweru

                48 w

                This is a great insight, finding alternatives for daipers and plastics are a big boost to the climate. This is indeed a push forward for the climate

                • winnie nguru

                  48 w

                  Excellent piece. Indeed diapers are a real menace. finding ways of properly disposing them is a big win

                  • Rashid Kamau

                    48 w

                    Baby diapers produce an incredible amount of environmental waste.

                    • Grace Njeri

                      48 w

                      @rashid_kamau They are completely the biggest factors in global plastic waste.

                    • Patrick Kiash

                      48 w

                      Thank you for sharing. indeed in all landfills the most two common things to identify is used diapers and plastics

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