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Sustainable funds not sustainable

Sustainable funds not sustainable

Managers of sustainable funds who claim to care about the climate do not live up to their promises, shows a review by Cristina Cella, employee at the Riksbank.

According to her review of 122 Swedish equity funds, no significant differences were found between the managers who claim to stand for net zero emissions and other funds. In general, the companies included in the climate funds contribute to a global temperature increase of 2.77 degrees, almost twice as high as the 1.5 degrees that the world agreed upon as a critical point in the Paris Agreement a few years ago. Cristina Cella says, however, that the results are general, that they should be interpreted cautiously and should not be seen as a definitive review of the Swedish fund market.
However, Swedish fund managers are not alone. Previous surveys, including a British one from last year, showed the same thing. Most of the world's largest funds that market themselves as proponents of net zero emissions have shown no desire to stop funding new fossil fuel investments.

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  • Evangeline Wanjiru

    60 w

    These promises should be backed up with signed timelines.

    • Mc Kaka

      61 w

      Empty promises yet climate chnage isn't waiting anyone.. We keep saying people over profits.. Everyday all the day

      • Patrik Lobergh

        61 w

        @mc_kaka Greed, ignorance and incompetence is ruling our systems

      • Daniel Waweru

        61 w

        Promises should be kept especially matters climate since climate actions are matters urgency

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