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Hydrogen car must be a hundred times more economical than city cars

A TU Delft team is trying to break another world record with a hydrogen car by covering as long a distance as possible with a tank. This Eco Runner XIII must also be a hundred times more economical than a city car that runs on fossil fuel.

The production of the new hydrogen car is now in full swing. “The new body of the ECO Runner XIII has now been made,” says an enthusiastic Julian de Klerk, one of the 24 people participating in the project. “All parts, down to the screws and nuts, are made by us at Delft University of Technology.”

To break the record, more than 2056 kilometers must be covered with a hydrogen tank. Every year, the Delft students take part in the Eco-Marathon in which sustainable cars are tested.

The car will be unveiled on 2 May in the auditorium of TU Delft, weighs 114 kilos including filled tanks with 950 grams of hydrogen and can reach a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour. The competition is at the end of June.
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  • Grace wa Muiruri

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    But when emitted into the atmosphere, hydrogen contributes to climate change by increasing the amounts of other greenhouse gases such as methane, ozone and water vapor, resulting in indirect warming. That's a problem because hydrogen's small molecule is difficult to contain.

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