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Pope Francis to lay bare ‘terrible world war’ on nature in papal letter

Pope Francis has said he will issue a follow-up document on the protection of nature because a “terrible world war” against the environment was taking place. The pontiff said the papal statement – a follow-up to his 2015 encyclical on the climate crisis – would be issued on 4 October, the feast day of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of the environment. Describing nature as a “sacred gift from the creator”, Francis urged people to take the side of the “victims of environmental and climatic injustice” and called for an end to “the senseless war on our common home, it is a terrible world war”.

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  • We Don't Have Time

    41 w

    Dear Annett Michuki.. Your climate love has received over 50 agrees! We have reached out to Pope Francis by email and requested a response. I will keep you updated on any progress! To reach more people and increase the chance of a response, click the Share button above to share the review on your social accounts. For every new member that joins We Don't Have Time from your network, we will plant a tree and attribute it to you! /Adam, We Don't Have Time

    • winnie nguru

      41 w

      Religious leaders have a huge influence on people and when they speak people listen. Its good to see the pope use this to advocate for something good

      • Rashid Kamau

        41 w

        Leaders from all around the globe should be in the forefront to bring positive change.

        • CHRIS NGATIA

          41 w

          This is great... All leaders from every sectors should speak up against climate crisis

          • bonke reinhard

            41 w

            Climate change is for all human let's keep on embarrassing it

            • Saustine Lusanzu

              41 w

              This is a good move! Everyone should speak about environment

              • johnte ndeto

                41 w

                The pope being a very influential and with large following there is hope that something will be done

                • rosebellendiritu

                  41 w

                  @johnte_ndeto he has a voice that can be influential

                • Markus Lutteman

                  41 w

                  Great. It is important for influential leaders of all sectors to speak up!

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