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I am so Happy to co Author with Professor Anietbiet Inyang Ntui and honored to count her as my dearest friend. From one UNECOSOC special consultation CSO Ambassador me to her wonderful work at Europen Union Climate Pact, we share an unwavering and immutable commitment to #ClimateJustice and the realisation of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) especially #SDG7 Open, Affordable and Rebewable Energy for all!

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It gives me great pleasure to share with my 930 African Union Youths, members of Afrihealth Optonet Board, World Youth Forum, 675 participants of PACJA and Resau sur la changement climatique (RCCRDC), my UN colleagues and fellow Ambassadors at UN ECOSOC the “In focus: #UNGA78 United Nations General Assembly 78, 2023 New York #Roundtable submission" we made at UNGA78 New York last month. Professor Aniebiet and I worked on this together in different ways. She did it by being physically there for many many hours in all its glory and frustration! I did it by doing Q&A at #AfricaClimateSummit with Nairobi Kenya 2023. Some of you may have heard about the Q&A session with Pan Africa Justice Alliance #PACJA and PEPA L'Humanitaire NGO that I am Ambassador to at UN Geneva, in special consultation with #UNECOSOC since 2017? If not, no problem. Here's the "Internal Report" about what happened at the United Nations General Assembly in New York and what recommendations I made as a Sustainability Economist (IASE) towards the future of Green Economy and Africa Union's important role in empowering UN SDGs through its global leadership in #G21! Congratulations Africa, what a time to be Alive! 😎😎😎 I am so proud of being a small part of your ascension to G21!
This is a glimpse (screenshots ) of our reports because it is too long (27pgs) to share here! :)
Citation: Yu, Cecilia W. & Ntui, Aniebiet I. (2023) In focus: UNGA78 United Natons General Assembly 2023 Roundtable CSO Report with Africa Climate Summit Q&A Submission, PEPA Community Publishing & Printing Centre, PRC & USA.
Yours in Climate Justice, love & light
Amb. Cecilia W. Yu
Personal site (Opinions are my own)

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  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

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    The report, a culmination of dedicated work at UNGA78 and the Africa Climate Summit, highlights key recommendations for a sustainable and green future. As a Sustainability Economist, I'm proud to contribute to Africa's leadership role in the global journey towards a greener economy. Congratulations, Africa, on your ascension to #G21! 🌍🌿 #ClimateAction #UNGA78 #SustainableDevelopment

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