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Exciting news from the Solution Lab! The Climate Solutions Lab cohort 2022 successfully concluded its program and recently held a Demo Day.
Twelve talented young professionals participated in the Climate Solutions Lab. They were supported by 12 mentors and received valuable training and seed funding.
Impulsouth, an alliance of organizations dedicated to climate action in developing countries, focuses its efforts on these six countries. South-South cooperation is at the core of their approach. 🌍
The Climate Solutions Lab aims to provide an incubation process for young leaders to experiment with innovative methodologies and learn from their mistakes while addressing climate change. Through customer discovery, project innovation, solution implementation, and business model optimization, participants receive guidance from mentors.
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Combining research and transformative education, the Lab empowers youth leaders to create local impact and inspire others worldwide. This capacity-building approach fosters knowledge exchange and south-south cooperation in tackling the climate crisis.
Seed funding is provided to support young innovators in implementing their solutions, whether it be creating websites, launching pilots, or meeting personal needs. This financial support allows participants to fully engage in the CSLab experience.
During the Demo Day, the Solutions Lab participants presented their climate solution projects. Their diverse approaches and objectives showcased their innovative potential and leadership. These young people are making a difference in their communities and beyond.
The Solution Lab's journey has been a testament to unwavering passion, global collaboration, and a vision for a better world. By overcoming resource constraints, these young leaders have created an ambitious Climate Change Solution Lab that empowers youth and fosters sustainable solutions.
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