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🎶 There's a hairy one and a weedy one
And a knobby one and a blobby one
And they're all quirky and whacky
And they all don't look the same 🎶
Behold the hairy frogfish, a master of camouflage and a strange looking one at that... These fish, which belong to the anglerfish family, are covered in spines resembling strands of hair that help them blend in with their kelp and coral homes.
While they may be experts at hiding in plain sight, they do something that sets them apart from most marine life. They don’t swim. Instead they scour the ocean floor on their wide fins in search for food.
Some fast facts about the hairy frogfish:
🌍 They are found mostly in warm waters around the world
📏 They usually grow about four inches long (10.16cm)
🦐 They feed on crustaceans and other fish such as flounder

📸: Chiku_uw
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  • Sarah Chabane

    6 w

    Love this! Let's protect all these weird, fascinating species out there


      7 w

      *In their search for food, they scour ocean floor for good they prefer warm water that need not be far more warmer; frogfish - our least known friends let them thrive in the ocean beds! - apology in advance for attempting to add few lines in someone's beautifully written song. Actually, nice lyrics along with the golden beauty glimmered above lines in my mind, and I am just sharing it here.

      • Princess

        7 w

        This is indeed a fascinating creature for its incredible camouflage and unique appearance.

        • Lucinda Ramsay

          7 w

          I think these are related to the hand fish🤔 very interesting, love the song.. and we need conservation of our precious oceans.

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