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BYTE, the Local Food Chain

Hi! My name is Leela and I have a project called BYTE: BackYard to Table Experiences. BYTE is a popup food chain where each ingredient is grown organically and locally, and mapped ( with an article about it to provide a transparent, open source food supply chain. The initial BYTE foods we have demoed are various whole fruits, salad bar, zoodles and green wraps which consist of: zucchini, tomato, avocado, sprouts, and mushroom ceviche with lemon juice and herbs. These meals are all raw vegan, based on recipes I developed while transitioning to fruitarianism. Reactions to the food, as demonstrated at several events at Lupin Lodge in the Santa Cruz mountains, has been extremely positive. Nothing beats local organic produce grown with love. We aim to source only homegrown ingredients, so the food-making process includes starting the growth of the ingredients to be raised in & near living spaces. The map notes platform Leela Maps (, has templates to enroll trained gardeners, vacant land, and already productive gardens, so we can decentrally arrange more local growing. The templates have default agreements of free gardening in exchange for a share of the resulting produce that can be sold on a donation-basis at a BYTE event or venue. All agreements are fully customizable, as BYTE is an adaptable format for broadcasting and monetizing locally-grown & -prepared meals. BYTE is still in the early stages, especially since I am a full time mom and my collaborators have full time work obligations. However, development on the foods, gardens & map continues.

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