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Meet Energy Frontrunners Energy Dome, SET Award winner in the Clean Energy & Storage category 📽

💬 “We don't need to build a big gigafactory; we don’t need to build another big laboratory to identify a new technology… Our technology exists and it just needs to be deployed,” explains CEO and co-founder, Claudio Spadacini.

Italy’s Energy Dome is an innovative CO2 battery that stores and dispatches renewable electricity when it is needed.

⚡️ Stay tuned! We’ll back with more Energy Frontrunner stories from our category finalists and winners. Next up: Mobility & Transportation.

You think your start-up is one of the driving forces of the international energy transition or in the climate tech sector too? Then get ready for the next SET Award application phase in October! 📅

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The SET Award is powered by the German Energy Agency (dena) in co-operation with World Energy Council. Energy Frontrunners series produced in partnership with Agentur Gretchen.

  • Munene Mugambi

    40 w

    Honestly, if we can store that power we will be a step closer to doing away with fossil fuels

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