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GREENERCOIN, A Healthy Project for a Healthy Future

Today it is our duty to protect what surrounds us, Nature. This is what we at Greenercoin want to do. Indeed, we believe that the future of finance and the world of crypto-currency must both turn a page for a more sustainable, eco-responsible chapter. In 2022, the emission of bitcoin alone is 48.35 MtCO2e, this is no longer acceptable. That's why our project tends towards a blockchain that produces zero greenhouse gases. How is this possible? Let us explain.
1 Mining and its energy sources
2 The current situation and its problems
3 Our project, our mission
4 Greenercoin, a project, a future
5 Mining and its sources of energy
Whoever closes their eyes to the environmental problem today will suffer the consequences tomorrow. Did you know that the energy used to mine most crypto-currencies comes from non-renewable energy sources such as coal and natural gas, which can lead to increased greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental waste. Not a happy thought, is it?
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  • Evangeline Wanjiru

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    A good way to show what we can do for our planet


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      Worth demonstration of love to our planet

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