Patrick Kiash

2 w

East Africa Campuses and Colleges Green Network Launch

EACCGN is a new initiative that seeks to promote sustainable practices within campuses and colleges in East Africa. The program will provide a platform for students drawn from various faculties to share ideas and best practices on how to combat climate change while also taking into account the specific challenges faced by universities and colleges in the region in their pursuit for climate justice.
The launch of EACCGN which took place at Strathmore University on 6th of May 2023 brought together key stakeholders from the education sector, Dr.Mithika Mwendwa;Executive Director of Pan- African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), Dr. David, the Director, Rethinking Choices, We Don’t Have Time,Vijiji Hub,representatives from Strathmore University as well as students from other universities and colleges in the region. The attendees discussed the importance of promoting sustainable practices and how EACCGN could play a critical role in building a sustainable future in East Africa.
Mc Kaka (Left), Founder EACCGN handing a token of appreciation to the Director of Rethinking Choices, Dr. David (second right) & Mithika Mwenda, Executive Director of PACJA during the Launch.

This launch is timely, given the increasing frequency of extreme weather events which are as a result of climate change and thus the need to adopt sustainable practices in all facets of life cannot be underestimated whatsoever. Universities and colleges, as centers of learning, have a duty to lead the way in promoting environmentally friendly practices that can protect the planet and secure a sustainable future for generations to come.
The launch was marked by several invigorating speeches and activations aimed at raising awareness on the importance of taking action to mitigate the dire effects of climate change. One of the prominent speakers was Anita Sonia, founder,Green Warriors, SDG Champion, environmentalist, and a youth champion for Sanitation and Water for All (SWA). She highlighted the crucial role that young people play in climate matters, emphasizing that they need to be agents of change rather than just being bystanders.
EACCGN members, Guest speakers, partners and University & College Representatives during a photo session

The partnership between EACCGN, We Don't Have Time, Pan- African Climate Justice Alliance, Rethinking choices and Vijiji hub is a significant milestone in the fight against climate change in East Africa. It aims to empower the youth and promote environmental sustainability among East Africa's institutions of higher learning. The launch of EACCGN is a call to action for all young people to realize their potential as change-makers and work towards a cleaner, greener, and sustainable East Africa.
Tree planting exercises are always very significant in reminding everyone in attendance of their responsibility towards the environment and are therefore very symbolic.They also serve as a powerful reminder that it takes collective action to make a difference and so the launch was successfully culminated by a tree planting exercise.
Representatives from various organizations planting trees

  • Leendert Aboazy

    1 w

    Great work!

    • Harrison wambui

      2 w

      This is good... everyone should be educated about the environment....we must take care of the environment

      • Tabitha Kimani

        2 w

        Every effort and inclusivity geared towards saving planet earth is very important.

        • Mc Kaka

          2 w

          Congratulations to @EACCGN

          Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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