Volvo Group: Partnership is the new leadership

”Listen carefully now. The era of silos is over”, said Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO of Volvo Group, in his opening keynote at Volvo Group’s Mobility Transformation Forum 2023. To achieve the ambitious goals of the European Green Deal, all companies need to step up their climate action. But that alone is not enough. To reach climate neutrality in Europe by 2050, we must all work together.
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Many companies understand the need for collaboration. But as Martin Lundstedt pointed out, there is a major barrier in the way.
”The problem is we still have an operating model in this city, in the European Governance that is fostering silo thinking. That will not do anymore. We all need to step up and take the holistic end-to-end approach”, he said at the event, which was broadcast live on We Don’t Have Time to 1,6 million unique viewers.
The transport industry is in the midst of a profound transformation that will revolutionize mobility, making it more sustainable for decades to come. The stakes for Europe are high. While pursuing our climate objectives, we must also maintain the competitiveness of European industries, for Europe’s and future generations’ prosperity.
The recipe for success? A joined-up approach across all relevant sectors.
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”Partnership is the new leadership”, said Martin Lundstedt. ”And by that we mean that we need new, open-minded and innovative ways of cooperating to accelerate the pace of change. We need to have a coordinated move from a brown, fossil-fuel based platform up to a green platform utilizing sustainable technologies. And if just one of the elements in that coordinated effort is missing, we will not be able to deploy it at scale.”
For Volvo Group, these kinds of collaborations have already proven very successful across a variety of important areas in its operations and product portfolio:
  • In 2021 Volvo Group and the Swedish steel manufacturer SSAB unveiled the world’s first vehicle created from fossil-free steel. The year after, Volvo Group has not only introduced fossil-free steel into parts of its range: specifically, the heavy-duty Volvo FH, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX models, but another of its business areas, Volvo Construction Equipment, became the first manufacturer in the world to deliver a construction machine made with fossil-free steel to a customer.
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  • In November 2022 the world’s first flight route with 50% Sustainable aviation fuel was launched by Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) in collaboration with Volvo Group. This meant that we could fly our employees between Renault Headquarters in Lyon and Volvo Group headquarters in Gothenburg in what is today the most sustainable way to fly.
  • The partnership between Volvo Trucks and Holcim, a global manufacturer of building solutions, has resulted in the deployment of 1,000 electric Volvo trucks across Holcim’s operations in Europe between now and 2030. The first 130 heavy electric Volvo FH and Volvo FM trucks will be delivered to markets including France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK during the fourth quarter of 2023 and throughout 2024.
  • Volvo Group has also partnered with the European energy company Vattenfall to secure long-term renewable electricity for its operations. The agreement means that Volvo Group is committed to buying 50% (~230GWh/year) of the renewable electricity produced at Bruzaholm wind park in Sweden, over a 10-year period starting in the last quarter of 2025. A win-win for both parties.
Watch the replay of Mobility Transformation Forum 2023, and learn how we are driving the industry forward to become the first and only world region to go fully fossil-free by 2040.

  • Christina Carlmark

    45 w

    We need working partnerships - in the value chain as well as among industry competitors - to succeed with the green transition. Way to go Volvo Group!

    • winnie nguru

      47 w

      Volvo Group always doing the most

      • Judy Holm

        48 w

        Fantastic leadership and vision 💚💫💫 Bravo Volvo

        • Anita Soina 🇰🇪

          48 w

          Volvo Group 👏👏👏

          • Patrick Kiash

            48 w

            Great engagement. I like Volvo missions and goals. Goodluck.

            • walter lungayi

              48 w

              @patrick_kiash with better strategies in place. I see them going far.

            • Annett Michuki..

              48 w

              May the partnership yield positive outcome

              • Sarah Chabane

                48 w

                Thank you for a great event! Do yu feel that this collaboration mindset is pretty common in the industry?

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