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The Main Climate Change Solution
The main solution to climate change has nothing to do with climate change. The root cause of climate change is not greenhouse gas emissions. It's the reductionistic economic and political systems that compel companies to cause climate change. Under current systems, companies often go out of business if they stop causing climate change and other major environmental and social problems. This is why climate change grew rapidly while the responsible investing field grew to $40 trillion.
Most climate change actions are end of the pipe (e.g. green energy, sequestration). These will help, but not come close to resolving climate change.
Governments in the US and many other countries largely are controlled by vested interests. Citizens often are divided and disempowered. In this environment, the corporate and financial sectors usually are the only segments of society with the power to drive the systemic changes needed to resolve climate and other problems. They largely are controlled by investing.
System Change Investing is a new responsible investing approach that uses the capital markets to drive systemic change. It is one of the most powerful climate change solutions available to humanity. This article describes it:

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