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We must focus on the 'How'

Executive Secretary, Simon Stiell
UN Climate Change
Transcript of Media Stakeout at COP28
Friday Dec 8, approx 1.40pm Dubai time
Good afternoon - time is of the essence, so I will be very brief.
We all know the scale of the climate crisis. COP28 must be about solutions to get all countries out of this climate mess.
That is my central focus: solutions, acceleration, the highest ambition here at COP, and a springboard for the crucial years ahead.
COP28 must deliver a big switch: not just ‘what’ governments must do, but also ‘how’ to get the job done.
The technologies and tools all exist. This week negotiators must agree on putting them to work.
In short, it’s go-time for governments at COP28 this week. There are low, middle, and high ambition options on many issues.
If we want to save lives now, and keep 1.5 within reach, the highest ambition COP outcomes must stay front and center in these negotiations.
So I urge negotiators to start with the highest ambition outcome and for them to ask, “How do we get there?”
Yes, compromises will be essential. But not on ambition.
The UNFCCC will be an honest broker and convenor within this process. We will make sure all countries have a seat at the table and can use their full voices.
This week I don’t want to see diversions and political tactics that hold climate ambition hostage.
I urge all ministers and negotiators to think outside the box. Climate action needs that paradigm shift.
Yes, eight billion people are now on the frontlines. But bold climate action is also a momentous opportunity:
An opportunity for more jobs, healthier economic growth, less pollution and better human health.
This is what billions of people in every country want, and bolder climate action is the chance for governments to deliver it here in Dubai.
Every country is hungry for the next source of stable economic growth. Billions of households are struggling to put bread on the table.
So, bold climate action can be the meal-ticket of the 21st century - this week in Dubai all countries must cooperate to put it in reach.
I thank you.

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  • Patrick Kiash

    17 w

    Making all counties in the seat at the table means a lot. Indeed each country is hungry in one way or the other and ensuring them to be a bold meal-ticket of the 21st century is very important.

    • George Kariuki

      18 w

      Now is the stand to stand for our planet.

      • Gorffly mokua

        18 w

        Great call!💚💚

        • johnte ndeto

          18 w

          Simon stiel is right. Actualising all the talks is where the big task is

          • Gorffly mokua

            18 w

            @johnte_ndeto Yes! Till our leaders starts walking the talk, we still have a long way to go!

          • Munene Mugambi

            18 w

            It is a good idea for us to focus on how to deal with climate change as Simon insists.

            • Princess

              18 w

              The passionate plea for bold climate action by Simon Stiell at COP28 resonates strongly.

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