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World Climate School WE CANNOT GIVE UP ON COP28 IN DUBAI When the world is already facing tyranny from the climate, how dare you let loose your guns, tanks, rockets and a culture of slaughtering people. This must be stopped!
COP28 must bring Peace and Climate together, and combine it with speed learning for children under the age of 10. We have the pedagogy for speed learning of literacy integrated with peace curriculum and global citizenship - the 6Cs, but everything is in havoc because of the wars going on.
We ask the COP28 leadership to launch the red flag, and to bring new hope and new stories of peace at the forefront. All normal people in the world, and teachers with the role of care at the frontline, do nothing else than pray for the wellbeing of children. Nobody gets up in this morning and pray for war. We all pray for peace and enough food on the table, that brings our children to school.
It is the time at COP28 to show the rest of the world that we care.
We care for the wellbeing of 2,5 billion children living today and for generations to come.

The Adventure of Humanity, World Climate School visit to Devi Sansthan, Lucknow, India. September 2023.
This is our call out; when the big armies in the world are poised to expand oil, and the activists are telling children to abandon their education, the WCS is standing up to say Stop. Nature and Dignity must always come first. When 2,5 billion children on the planet cannot live safely and there are floods, fires, drought, hurricanes and the horror of war shining in the horizon, how do you think the educational system is coping with these dire scenarios?
According to UNESCO, and numbers from the World Bank, it is estimated that over 250 million children are out of education. It has increased in the aftermath of Covid, so how dare you to ask children and youth to go on school-strike?
The world needs to accelerate both formal and informal climate education, but nothing can be done if Foundational Literacy and Numeracy is not there. Imagine the negative consequences: in 10 years 250 million illiterate children are 20 years old, bringing forward problems with exponential growth into a world with climate chaos and conflicts. Instead of this scenario of too little and too late, we want to do a giant leap and rethink our choices aligned with the thinkers of Earth 4 All, Club of Rome. COP28 must address how to bring the world together. If not, we end up scaring all of us 8 billion inhabitants that we do not have a future. In Dubai at the Conference of the Parties (COP) on Climate Change, literacy and peace education must be TOP priority. It must be addressed now, so we can cool down the hot pulz of a war scenario. We must find a wholistic ways to address the culture of war, as aggression, despair, increasing riots and conflict with the consequences of accelerating the terrible situation. It is not only that the weather has gone crazy. We must stop, and rethink the situation.
The climate activists are also radicalised to the extreme, and the idea of unplugging the existing energy dependence on coal, oil and gas is not working. We need to bring forward an energy transition as presented at COP21 in Paris with a cap, lid or better with a plan. It is agreed to bring a transformation over years, according to the NDC under the Paris Agreement. The problem is that our leaders are breaking these agreements, with the unintended consequences that the green energy transformation and more sustainable lifestyles will be out of reach. How crazy is it that our Planet are hosting war instead, where we increase the dependence of FF industries? This is the reason that this COP and the 12 days in December 2023 must be different. We hope!
The Sustainable Development Goals cannot even work if there is an upscaling of armed conflicts. The narrative must be turned and new voices must come forward. Maybe it is the teachers of the world that should unite their voices? Maybe it is the comedians that can bring laughter to the table of discussions of these big, and complex and problems? Even the mass media is guilty of escalating a 3rd world war scenario. To re-balance and write the billion new stories of the Modernization of the Ecological Movements, and to grow together by taking even our time to look again at the Earth Charter. Generation Z is doing that, they call for new stories connecting us back to nature. The indigenous leaders do the same, and are the guardians to restore nature and biodiversity. The World Climate School addresses the fact that we cannot leave a legacy by selling out our common future, and we reached a partnership agreement with Dignity Education Vision International, and from the city of Lucknow, India we address the urgent need for a disruptive approach to education.
The Accelerated Learning for All - The ALfA Method - gives hope and will have a huge impact. Without reaching SDG number 4 on quality education, none of the other SDGs can be reached. To unite our efforts to make a global literacy campaign and to bring climate education into mainstream education will be an imperative! And, it can even be playful and bring joy to all of us.
This was message from COP26 in Glasgow, repeated at COP27 “Learning to care - a simple message from COP26 in Glasgow. This is a historic day for climate education, but we will not reach the ambitions of the young people we serve without ensuring these promises translate to actions,” said UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education, Stefania Giannini. This message is repeated at COP27 in Egypt, and the coalition of more than 100 youth-led organisations bringing the Climate Education to COP28. “As the Climate Education Coalition, established on 10th November, 2022 at COP27 and representing over 100 organizations and individuals, we are calling upon the COP28 UAE Presidency and every UN member state to cooperate with us in order to highlight universal climate education as a crucial aspect of combating the climate crisis“, Open letter to COP28. With our call, the World Climate School invites all teachers and all schools on the Planet to engage for the 12 days of COP28. From 1 - 12 December and to bring forward the message of literacy, dignity and peace.
Join us in the 12 days from the 1st to the 12th December and bring hope from your communities. That's where the real COP is, in our school, gardens, streets, villages, in our cities, and in every country.
For 2,5 billion children and generations to come - this is for You! COP28 - this is for You!
Earth - it is for You!

  • Albert Dexter

    28 w

    I applaud the initiative of the World Climate School in educating our youth about environmental challenges. As a student, I believe integrating climate education into the curriculum is crucial. Moreover, services like a term paper writing service can help students delve deeper into climate issues, fostering a more comprehensive understanding. Education and resources go hand in hand, paving the way for informed, impactful action against climate change.

    • Collins Manyasi

      32 w

      Inspiring indeed: Together we can; #its4u

      • David Ko

        33 w

        Well said.

        • mercy nduta

          33 w

          Cop28 is paramount and we anticipate for positive outcomes.

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