World Leading Sustainable Footwear - A Founders Story

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We are proud to be partnered with Our Choice. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Our Choice’s founder and CEO, Filip Westerlund.
Filip is based in Luxembourg and in 2021, he launched the world’s first circular sneakers. An award-winning entrepreneur and circular economy pioneer, Filip has also a frequent keynote speaker and lecturer as well as mentoring other green entrepreneurs.
Here’s what we discussed:

Hello Filip - why is circularity in fashion important?
"Circular fashion carries profound significance for several compelling reasons, foremost among them is our duty to protect our planet. It serves as a powerful tool to diminish the fashion industry's harmful environmental footprint by championing sustainable materials and championing waste reduction.
Through circular fashion, we're inspired to reimagine our relationship with resources and breathe new life into products, saving valuable materials and transforming old garments into something fresh and exciting. Moreover, it ignites a spark of ethics within businesses, compelling them to embrace fair and responsible labour practices, thereby fostering a more just and compassionate industry. In essence, circular fashion fuels our collective creativity and empowers us to make mindful choices that reduce overconsumption and waste.
At its core, it's about envisioning a world that is not just greener but also fairer and more sustainable, offering hope and inspiration for a brighter future."

How are you circular by design?
"Our Choice was founded in Luxembourg 2021 and held certificates for being plastic free, made in Europe and made by only natural materials before launching commercially on Kickstarter. We founded the business and all our products on the circular value hill, as published by Circle Economy Foundation in 2016, and focus on the use period of the fashion items we produce.
If our products can't be used anymore, there's always a natural second hand market for them, and if/when they break, all products can be repaired. If something can't be repaired? It can be up- or as a last option and resort: recycled."

What is your best tip for someone wanting to dress in a sustainable way?
"The best way to make sure that you are both sustainable and fashionable is investing in high quality, timeless pieces. Find items that are well-made and durable and remember the price might be higher but the years it will last you will be longer and in time, you'll make the money back.
If you are someone who likes to go shopping more often, invest in second-hand clothing, this is a great way to prioritize sustainability and also reduce the demand for new clothing. Another great way to be sustainably stylish is to support brands like mine! Sustainable and ethical practicing brands are the places that you should invest in the most to make sure that we are reducing waste and using more eco-friendly ways to help the planet."

Want to learn more about Our Choice?
  • Tabitha Kimani

    35 w

    Circular economy and sustainability is one of the major solutions towards a more sustainable planet. You have done an amazing job @ Our Choice’s founder

    • Sarah Chabane

      37 w

      This is great! Always cool to learn about new sustainable brands

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