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water security and climate change in Pakistan

It was a wonderful session where experts discus the challenges and recommendation for "water security and climate change in Pakistan " Following are the recommendations from experts 1. Regular monitoring of water quality for basic parameters like BOD,COD,TDS etc. This could be for all rivers and drains which fall under IBS; 2. Clear role and responsibilities of governments, their relevant authorities, departments etc.KPIs 3. Short, medium and Long-term to be well defined 3. Allocation of funds and appropriate manpower. 4. Taking stock of earlier studies and data available with relevant organizations,. Thus, developing a repository at central level . 5. Availability of data should be public and easily access to public 6. Water foot print analysis should be done 7. There should be policy for water management Ministry of Climate Change, Govt of Pakistan UNDP Pakistan Water Resources and Disaster Management UN Climate Change Hashoo Foundation Neelam Neel Syed Nasar Alam Hafiz Jawad Sohail Zia Ur Rehman #climatecrisis #waterfootprint #waterpolicy

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  • Nick Nuttall

    80 w

    Nelam, who were all these amazing people, were they scientists, government officials in pakistan, or NGOs and what was the name of the event! Is there a link to it somewhere?

    • Nelam Pari

      74 w

      @Nick_Nuttall Hello this are people belongs to different organizations private, Government and Civil Society.

    • Sarah Chabane

      80 w

      Very good insights, what was the context of the meeting?

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