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Good climate news this week

1. Exposed: Big Oil deceived on recycling for 50 years

2. NZ Supreme Court allows novel climate claim

3. Indonesia votes for continuity on climate

4. China wind, solar at 97% utilization

5. US: 85% say climate change is real

6. India: $9b rooftop solar push 

59% of children and young people are very or extremely worried about climate, says a survey of 10,000 respondents across 10 countries.

To manage it, focus on the momentum behind climate action which is everywhere. This weekly thread ⬆️ has now run for 4 years to document this momentum.
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  • Patrick Kiash

    8 w

    Thanks for sharing. Nice to note 85% in the USA says climate change is real. Indeed is real and such numbers their voices matters. And I wish the climate deniers could put themselves in the shoes of 59% of children and young generations and start acting.

    • Simon Bergbom

      8 w

      Love these! It’s so good to get to read some positive news among all the doom and gloom.

      • Rotich Kim

        8 w

        This is a gig milestone

        • Sarah Chabane

          8 w

          Thanks for sharing, I was just reading about the NZ court case and it's super interesting and very promising!

          • Munene Mugambi

            8 w

            A big step we have made as a planet and people in regards to dealing with climate change. Yet, it is not enough. More monumental efforts are required to push us over the line to best climate change.

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